Saturday, 7 August 2010

Crystal Bracelet

This is a lovely little bracelet from a pattern by Cathy Lampole that works up quickly and is a great gift.  I wanted something for my niece who just got married.  She is very stylish and her style is more tailored and modern (as opposed to frilly and girly), and the design of this fits the bill perfectly.
The pattern is from Cathy Lampole and can be found on this website under patternless kits and by designer Cathy Lampole  Buy the Kit 

 (Sorry, I tried to put in the direct link but there is some php thing going on that I cant seem to do this).
I tried another clasp with a circle and bar on it but there was not enough slack to get the bar through, so I ripped that one off and used a small magnetic one that works easily and looks delicate.   A technique that I highly recommend is to use a different thread in another colour for your clasp.  That way if you have to rip it out or replace it you don't ruin the whole piece.  I was thankful I had done this when I realized I needed to redo the clasp. 
Beads:  Size 2 bugles, 11's (Japanese - I used the new permanent finish which are a smidge larger than regular 11's), 4 mm Swarovski's.
I like this so much that I think I will have to make one for myself next!