Monday, 2 March 2009

From a German beading blog...

In keeping up with my goal of language acquisition, I have started finding some German bead blogs. Here is a really interesting shaped beaded bead, called "Sakkara".
No infrastructure such as a wooden bead is needed. In the pattern the bead is symmetrical, but I just wanted to try this, so stopped midway and fooled around with a star ending.
The pattern is available for free download at:
There is another similar bead but more complicated that I may try next, called Pittaya.

This technique involves increases at regular intervals, and makes stepped up sections. I think this must be how some of Paula Adams patterns for ornaments are done.
Since my German is very limited (like a vocabulary of about 20 words!) I will have to try to figure out some of the common beading words.
Here are some pics of the bead along the way. The star is my creation, I just made half the bead and then played around.


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