Saturday, 11 April 2009

A star for Easter

I wanted to make some little gifts for my daughter and my niece who are coming up for Easter. I started with the pattern "Yasmine" by Ilde, a French beader. can buy this through the internet and then you get a PDF file. Ilde has several other great patterns.
Anyway, I merrily went along making this, then realized it was way too bunched up on the star ends, then looked at the picture again and realized I had double the points needed!! So, as is usually my rule, I ripped it out and cut it up before going to bed. Nothing is worse than having to start your beading with mistakes. Anyway, the final star evolved today, and it is quite lovely, and an underneath structure makes it quite substantial and sturdy. I will add a bezel on the back and make this a pendant. This pattern assumes you know how to bezel a rivoli and make a star setting, so it is not for the faint of heart. If you are experienced however, you can figure it out from the diagrams even if you don't speak French.


Eveline said...

Very beautiful!!!

Bev at Bimbark said...

Beautiful work Shelley. Great pictures.

Nirèh said...

I love your blog and your works! This "star" is soooo pretty!
Baci from Italy!