Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Clover Beaded Bead

I have learned so much by browsing French bead sites and have joined a few French forums. I am keeping my own little dictionary and am getting fairly fluent at reading bead patterns. A French beader (perleuse) called "Pencio" has several terrific patterns (schemas) that have been posted on the forum Iles Aux Perles.
This is my first "Clover Bead". It is worked in peyote stitch over a 1.5 cm wooden bead. The the outside round of diagonal embellishment is added. The center is not quite right - in looking at the pictures on Pencion's site there is often a little hole in the middle of the clover. I haven't decided what to use this one, I just like making beaded beads!!
Pencio's Site:

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