Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Diagonal Peyote Necklace with Sunburst

I wanted to try diagonal peyote again. I have tried it before but it always seemed confusing. In the new book Seed Bead Stitching by Beth Stone there are some great examples of diagonal peyote used in interesting chains. This is a great new book with several interesting takes on standard techniques. After starting the necklace, I thought an addition of a flower would be good, so I used the technique from Beadwork June/July08 - Peyote Sunburst (It was on the Cover as well.) I used size 10 delicas for all, with a few smaller seed beads for the points of the flower. I am thinking of making some other attachments that can be interchanged. I added a 4 bead peyote strap on the back of the flower so that it can be slipped off the necklace.
The size 10 delicas are really nice to work with and work up faster than the usual size 11's. Also, the larger size makes a more definite statement visually with fewer beads (and shorter work time!!)

The diagonal peyote has interesting possibilities in terms of color use. The other technique I discovered is that you can work half of the chain, then work in the opposite direction, just reverse the colour sequence. The advantage to this is that you can work with a single thread without joins, just don't cut the thread when you start, leave the end on the spool. It took a while to figure this out, but it is quite easy once you get it!

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