Thursday, 27 August 2009

Blogging, Traffic, and Comments

I initially started my blogs to learn how to do them. Since then I confess I am now wanting someone to read them occasionally, so I am hoping to get some comments. I realize that in order to do this I need to get some traffic, yet I know my blog pales in comparison to the plethora of very professional looking blogs.
However, I was really pleased when I opened up today to see that I have 10 followers now. My daughter, who is a graphic designer, tells me that it often takes three years to get a blog going, so I will perservere. Some days I wonder why I am writing tis blog, but the truth is that I enjoy it.
So, please comment, and thank you to those who have. I will try to get some more content on this in the fall when the weather outside is cooler and I am not gardening, travelling (the picture is of Prince Edward Island where my parents live), or having company.
To the French beaders, who I greatly admire, I could do some posts in French, it would be good practice for me, so "laissez moi un commentaire si une poste francaise vous plait. Mais, je sais que j'aurais des fautes de grammaire!!


Minou84 said...

Je corrige ta petite phrase en français : "Laissez moi un commentaire si un post en français vous plait." Mais je sais qu'il y aura des fautes de grammaire.
BRAVO POUR TON FRANCAIS REALY NOT TOO BAD!!!! Believe me. And now I'm visiting your blog

Anonymous said...

Hello Shelly,

So pleased to see you writing again.I must admit that I have read your blog through and was eagerly awaiting anything new.

Very best wishes and thank you so much for the blog.

Anonymous said...

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