Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Scallop Necklace Variation

I loved the necklace on the cover of Bead and Button's December 2009 (#94) issue, but it was really too elaborate for your average person to wear, so I adapted it to what I think is a really lovely little pendant necklace. I made the first one in my favourite delica colour, ( Code 22L from my favourite store for Japanese beads, That Bead Lady in Newmarket, Ontario) and an opaque turquoise AB 4 mm crystal.

In terms of construction, the scallop curve is a 4 bead ndebele chain in which 2 size 11 beads and 2 size 8 beads create a differential alignment, resulting in a very smooth scallop. The instructions say to go through each of the 4 colouns to set the scallop, and I found it is important to do that carefully and make sure you get each column or the scallop will twist. I followed the directions for one scallop, then added shorted twisted bugles. fort he top, I added a crystal to each side, with a potato pearl in the middle. I added a band of size 11's behind the pearl to make the front top crystals stand out better.

For the chain I used size 8's and 5mm faceted Chinese glass beads, with a small right angle weave accent in the contrast colour in size 11's. The chain is delicate and fast, so it makes a good compliment to the necklace. The fast part makes it good for gift giving too. I am not very tolerant of repetition, and really don't like making long complicated chains.

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christel said...

it is so beautiful, oh i love it so much ! ! !