Thursday, 14 January 2010

Seed Bead Fusion Project

I have admired the work of Rachel Nelson Smith for a long time, and was very pleased that she has now written the book Seed Bead Fusion. The book uses a combination of diagrams and photos to explain the techniques. Many of the projects use the technique that is in her well known and very sculptural cuff bracelet.

The first project I made was a small “bede” which gave me the chance to learn the technique in which the right angle weave areas are then built up using peyote technique. Understanding where the colours will end up is a challenge, but after the first experiment I was ready for something larger. The picture is of the project called “O. Bernstein Component Necklace” p. 84. This worked up very well, and I made it into a pendant. The chain is simply three strings of size 11 Japanese seed beads put through a glass bead at regular intervals. Like the cuff, this pendant is very 3D and I plan to make a few more in other colour schemes. It can easily be made in an evening, and I would like to try a thicker chain compliment to the pendant.
And yes, I made the bear during my miniature bearmaking era from several years ago.