Sunday, 14 October 2007

Beaded Bead

Here is a beaded bead that I did from a Bead and Button Pattern - (By Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour, page 72, Aug.06, Issue 72).

The authors have a great website called Bead Infinitum, with their specialty being beaded beads. They have a couple of free patterns on the site, and lots of inspiration.

This one is made over a 1 cm wooden bead. I painted the wooden bead with nail polish - 2 coats. Hint - I ended up placing the wooden bead on a q-tip minus the cotton to handle it more easily.

I like the pattern, however I don't think the colours I used show it off enough. Because multiple colours are used, you have to make it once to understand where the colours end up. I think I will make a template that I can colour for the next one before I start.

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Anonymous said...

I love the colours