Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Red Corralling Technique Necklace

I have long admired the beading of Vavara, a Russian beader. She has written a few books, and this is the first necklace I have tried. It is available from, and is called "Coral III Necklace". The branches are really easy once you get a rhythm to them. I used two colours of size 10 (from a Czech company who has smallish size 10's) and size 8 seed beads for the main section as fill in's. The main colour was light opaque red, and the contrast (end of branches) was dark opaque red. The original pattern has longer centre branch sections, however I just made all the branches the same length. I also added larger size 8 seed beads to the starting band to make it a little more substantial. This is a really fun technique, and went fairly quickly once I got the hang of doing the branches. I will try some more contrasting colours in the next one. I brought this in progress to a Christmas cookie party, and got rave reviews. I plan to try another one for me. This one was a Christmas present for my daughter. Because she did not want a choker length, I am adding a 5" strip of adjustable back extender.


Keir said...

I like your bead work!

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