Monday, 6 August 2012

La Premiere in Pearls

My original design for this little motif described in the previous post was done in pearls. This is such a quick and easy motif, and it really has some body so it is not flimsy like some simple motifs.   The pearl version using 6mm pearls very flat.  The version with doughnut crystals in the previous post cups more like a flower.  Here are a couple pictures of the pearl version. 

The green example has a little margarita crystal added.  The bottom is three 4mm crystals.  The pink has a cone bead added for the accent.  The proportions of the actual motif are better than the picture, my angle of the photo must have been a little skewed.  The back has a simple little addition so the motif can be threaded through a ribbon or other string of beads.
I feel I have been so fortunate to have been given patterns by so many talented beaders, especially the many French bead blogs which I have followed for several years, improving my French at the same time.  So, here is my first pattern, and it's free!! Comments appreciated.
La Premiere Pattern by Shelley, Riverlea Beads

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