Thursday, 30 August 2012

Something else to bead....a needlecase!

My jewelry drawer is getting overfull, even though I give a lot away, so I was looking for a new beading opportunity.  I had seen some cylindrical wooden needlcases in the past, and finally found some to buy.  I found several delightful patterns by Beth Murr at her website Until We Bead Again .  On her site are also links to YouTube videos for construction, and they are excellent.  After ruminating over which of the lovely designs I would do from her 12 pattern package I purchased online, I chose the merry go round case. 
The basic construction is cylindrical peyote, and the challenge on this when using a diagram is that the start point travels sideways as you bead due to the step up.  Beth also has a great video explaining how to mark the diagram.  The pattern is flawless and I found the beading really fun as the picture emerged, I couldn't wait to finish it!
My case turned to be a little shorter than the pattern, so I just left out a few rows that were not critical to the design.  I suspect my case is metric sizing, so beware of this.  The other little discovery was when I got to the top.  I started to bead and realized the beads were not fitting, then remembered a line on her site about looking for flush cases that did not need to be sanded.  So, I got out sand paper and sanded down the sides so they were flush with the base. 
The tops are beaded seperately then zip stiched to the sides.  I think it would be possible to do the beading all is one piece, but maybe the cylindrical shape is more challenging to do that way.  Since then I have been looking at other needlecase designs, and there are several other designs available.  Have some fun and do a google image search ans see all the cases you find.  One other construction note, she does not bead the bottom, but I did because I did not catch this in time.  Mine stands up ok, but I think I won't bead the next bottom as the flat wooden bottom is more stable.
Anyway, please take a look at Beth's lovely designs, and try this for a fun diversion and great gift idea. 

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